About Me


Christian, Wife, Mom, Artist...

... dance teacher, choreographer, spring hopper, Friends watcher. 

Most of my life I've been involved in the dance world. This has been a huge majority of the creative atmosphere in my life. 

I started taking pictures when I received my first DSLR (thanks, Mom!), while I was pregnant with my son in 2014. Shortly after I graduated from college (BA Dance), due to a knee injury, photography became a more primary creative outlet while I was healing and was unable to be as active. I decided to turn it into a business a few years ago. 

I love capturing people and the beauty of the human experience. As I've gotten older I have come to love more and more the memories and feelings that images can conjure. I love being a part of that process with other families. How do you want your family to remember you? I'd love to help.

-Amanda Van Meter Burch